Flipclock prototype is working well. Had to modify the front panel design and reprint, but now it’s moving smoothly. Next step is assembling the embossed digits and minute motors.

Flipclock digits are assembled! They are looking clean and beautiful. I will be assembling the full device tomorrow evening and hopefully have it functional.

Flipclock assembled digits

Had some issues with the flipclock. New digits look great, but they didn’t fit in the original spools, since they are thicker. Had to design and print new spools, which meant the motor holder screws got in the way. Hoping to resolve all of this tonight.

Flipclock digit problems

After several minor adjustments, got the first successful version of the flipclock running well. Electronics is a mess that needs to be organized on a PCB, but pretty happy with the results!

Flipclock assembled

Flipclock assembled