Despite my initial aversion to it, Autodesk Fusion 360 is truly an amazing tool. The combination of sketching on faces and timeline editing makes it incredibly powerful. Following the great Layer by Layer tutorials form Adafruit I designed a simple case for the ZoomBox. I was able to import the official DXF files from Arduino right into Fusion 360 and map the screw holes exactly.

Fusion 360 Design

Surprisingly, there was no good information available on component heights. I had to manually measure them. For reference, the USB-A port is 12mm by 11mm and the power jack is 9mm by 11mm. They are respectively 9mm and 4mm inset from the edges of the board. These two drawings were also good references but they didn’t provide all the information I needed:

After adding some simple snap fit joints to the bottom part of the box, I sent it to print and went to bed. To my mild surprise, I found a perfectly fitting box in the morning!

Next step: Design the top part with button inserts.

Printed Arduino box Printed Arduino box from top